Introduction to the Research

Research Proposal

In Hong Kong, Sex education in the secondary school curriculum did not pound on the taboo of discussing sex. Who openly talks about sex would be considered as "lustful" and "wanton". The woman is even potentially considered as a "slut" in this case. This not only reflects the inadequacy of sex education in secondary school curriculum, but also the unequal position of women between gender.

However, with the development of social media, the way of knowledge dissemination change to a more democratic way. YouTube greatly change the mode of sharing knowledge. Sally's toy, a YouTube channel that a woman,Vera, shares her sex experience on gaining pleasure through sex toys.

In this regard, the YouTube channel Sally’s toys will be used as a case study object to analyze how does YouTube promote sex education and to what extent it can fill in the blank of secondary school's sex education in this essay.

Research Questions

To what extent, and How does the Introduction of sex toys on YouTube raise the awareness of sexual autonomy?

Compared with the traditional education system, what makes YouTube a better avenue for sexual education? How does YouTube provide sexual information for University student which is absent in Hong Kong education system of secondary school?


YouTube changed the social environment, as it is a more democratic way for ordinary people to share their experience on sex. The research uses the YouTube Channel Sally's Toy as a case study object. The data is collected by interview.

The findings show that YouTube places an important role in changing the culture of University students, in terms of the following three aspects:

(1)Justifying that using sex toys to explore their bodies is not lustful, (2)Combating with the mindsets that sexual intercourse is dangerous and sexual activities are wanton, (3)Raising the awareness that women are not subordinates of men in sexual activities, (4)Telling women that they have right to choose.

However, YouTube cannot let people gain a comprehensive sex education because it cannot attain the aim of teaching people doing autonomous choices. Using the YouTube channel Sally's toy as an example. The information might be manipulated for these reasons. (1)Vera's positive attitude to sex toys. She is not only sharing but selling the products. (2)YouTube's policy: Users under 18 are not available to browse some of the videos that include information on female ejaculation, anal intercourse, BDSM, and G-spot.

Additionally, Introducing sex toys on YouTube only raise the awareness of intimacy and sensuality but not fully covering all parts, like identity, reproduction, and sexualization.

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